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If you type the phrase “skateboard brands” on Google, you can get hundreds of names within less than a second. Since the skateboarding industry is highly competitive, these enterprises are working day by day, harder and harder to manufacture better skateboards and related equipment. 


Even a company that has already been on the chart of the best skateboard brands still has a high chance of being eliminated at any time. The hardest part is gaining trust from customers; therefore, it is common for skateboarding companies to invest a lot of money in creating new and attractive products designed by pro skaters. 


Does it mean that picking any products from the best brand of skateboards that has the highest rankings can ensure the quality and suitability of the product? The answer is no. skateboarding enterprises have been born continually and there are many less popular companies producing decent skateboards at reasonable prices. 




Before moving to the next section reviewing some prestigious brands, I would like to clarify the factors that affect the rankings of a company on the chart of the best brands. Quality and durability are the most crucial factors that both beginners and pro riders care about. Not all skateboarders can afford premium skateboards; therefore, price is listed on the top 3 most important factors. 


Besides these traditional criteria, skaters are now in favor of companies with good customer service and a wide range of accessories. If you take some time to learn about skateboarding culture, you can realize how important the look is. That’s the reason why aesthetics attract so much attention from customers of all ages. 


Now, let’s move on with the review of the three biggest enterprises: 




With a long history of making skateboards and other accessories, Santa Cruz has been doing so well in attracting people to skateboarding. The brand was first founded in 1973 in California and it is well-known as one of the most decent brands on earth. 


Santa Cruz is also famous for promoting “out date” skateboard models whose inspirations come from the ’80s. These conventional products are sometimes considered as the best skate for beginners by the design observatory by famous skaters such as Blake Johnson, Eric Dressen, Dylan Williams, and Emmanuel Guzman. 




The brand has 28 years of experience in manufacturing skateboards and it is famous for the durability of its products. From my experience, Element Skateboard is the best skateboard brand and the company has been cooperating with International Skateboard Organizations in many global events. 


Since the foundation in 1992 by Johnny Schillereff, the company has always emphasized the interconnection between skateboarders and this sport. Intending to make Earth become a more positive planet where people embrace nature together with skateboarding, the CEO chose the logo as a tree surrounded by 2 circles. 




Two years after Element Skateboard was born, Creature was introduced by a group of four legendary skaters namely Russ Pope, Darren Navarrette, and Jason Adams. One thing that distinguishes this brand from the remaining is that the decks are usually wider and always made of 7 ply maple wood. However, the customer service of Creature is the thing that attracts skaters since it would be much harder for Creature to compete with other experienced manufacturers in quality. 





There are good companies so there must be the worst ones. These companies enter the industry by promoting cheap skateboards with low quality; therefore, they are not very trustful. As long as you have other choices, try to avoid getting skateboards from Airwalk, Converse, Walmart, Black Label, and Zoo Work. 




Although all brands I listed in this article manufacture different types of skateboards, you may find that some models are not suitable for your needs. Hence, skaters, especially beginners, have to know their purposes of skating, the terrain they want to skate on, and the skating style before coming to choose a good brand. 


Determining your needs when you first get familiar with skateboarding may be a bit confusing; however, all your problems can be solved if you can spend some minutes reading the buying guide at SkateAdvisors that instructs how a novice can choose a skateboard. 


As a beginner, I believe that you can not tell the difference between the top brands since they all produce amazingly good skateboards. However, professional skaters can notice the differences since they understand thoroughly their needs like the tricks they intend to perform. Therefore, they are able to rank all the brands based on their subjective opinions. 




Choosing the very first skateboard is not easy and picking the wrong product can result in bad effects on your learning experience. Therefore, newbies had better spend an adequate amount of time researching to see which product and which brand suits them the most.

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