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Skateboarding is well-known as a favorable hobby of teenagers and young adults even before this sport was recognized as an official sport in the Summer Olympics in 2020. Since children are now able to access the internet much easier than in the past, more and more kids start to learn skateboarding after watching some impressive performances of pro skaters. 


Kids still have to rely on their parents a lot and they can not make the decision of which product is more suitable. Unfortunately, their parents are not pro skaters and they hardly know about skateboards and the requirements to choose a decent skateboard. That explains why so many people pick a toy board at a low price at the supermarket, Walmart or Target. 


In the view of true skaters, these toy skateboards are trash and a skater, especially a beginner at a young age like their kids should avoid. Although kids may be fussy about skateboarding for a while, they can easily give up within a couple of weeks. Hence, parents don’t want to spend too much money on a skateboard that will go into the trash. 


In order to avoid spending a huge expense but getting low-quality skateboards, I would like to share my experience in choosing the best cheap skateboard for children. With this fundamental approach, I believe that every parent can understand without difficulties.




It’s essential that parents understand clearly the structure of a skateboard and the important parameters when choosing a skateboard. So let’s begin with a brief introduction about what parents must know before moving to the product suggestions. 




According to experienced skaters, there is no difference between a skateboard for adults and kids. Therefore, don’t let the marketing campaigns from skateboarding companies fool you and pay too much money for a kid’s product. Almost all skateboarding instructors agree that a standard 7.5” skateboard is totally fine. 





Skateboard wheels are divided into two categories: hard wheels and soft wheels which are made of plastic and PU respectively. Since kids can not control the board as well as adults and they may have to struggle to maintain their balance, I recommend parents choose soft wheels for the smoothest ride. Polyurethane wheels are capable of absorbing impacts from the ground and have better turning ability.




Both kids skateboards and normal-sized skateboards must have a wooden board to stand on called the deck. Typically, skateboard decks are made of wood but recently, bamboo and plastic have entered the industry. 


On the surface of the deck, parents can notice there is a layer of sandpaper-like tape to increase the grip so that skaters won’t fall off the board easily. However, I would recommend parents go for a plastic skateboard because the rough surface of grip tape can accidentally cause scratches for their kids. 





These T-shaped components are what connect the deck and the wheels. A skateboard will need two trucks to operate and they are usually made of aluminum. While buying a skateboard, remember to look for decent trucks so that they can withstand all the external forces exerted on the board. 




Now is the time to consider some cheap and suitable skateboards for your children. 

  • Superb starter skateboard: this product only costs you about $50 but it comes with high-quality parts including a Canadian maple deck, PU wheels, and alloy trucks. With less than 50 bucks, there is no other product that can provide maneuverability and durability as good as this one. 

  • American-made Stana Barbara-based skateboard: as I mentioned above, children are more prone to nasty scratches when they use skateboards with grip tape so this product would be the perfect alternative option. Also, this American-made is amazingly lightweight and stable which is necessary for small kids. 

  • Darkstar skateboard: if you are looking for a bit more expensive skateboard with a premium set of components, this $100 board can be a potential candidate. All over the skateboarding website named SkateAdvisors, this product is praised for its durability and ease of handling. 

  • Carlsbad skateboard: the proportional size of skateboards that make them more friendly to kids is what I like most in this series. Manufacturers specially make these boards for kids from 5 to 12 years old with softer wheels and bushings. Moreover, your children will be fascinated by the colorful and eye-catching designs on the skateboard deck. 


Of course, there are a lot of skateboards on the market that can suit your kids to some extent; however, the three products above are what I summarized from many critical reviews of pro skaters. Hopefully, this post provides enough information for parents who are non-skaters so that they can buy their children the biggest gift - a decent skateboard to begin their adventure in this sport. 


If you're looking for more quality skateboarding articles, it's impossible not to read the SkateAdvisors blog. SkateAdvisors details:


- Phone: (1) 646-707-4551


- Address: 902 Avenue C, Brooklyn, NY 11218, United States


- Email:

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